DPG-Unit, as they'll be known, have already recorded an album's worth of material while on tour together...

50 Cent and SNOOP DOGG have united to form a rap supergroup.

The duo have united their respective crews G-Unit and [/a] to record an album’s worth of material as DPG-Unit.

The idea came about while members of both crews were out on the Rock The Mic hip-hop tour in the US earlier this year.

“We’re gonna take over the whole world,” [a]’s Daz Dillinger told MTV in the US. “We got a song with me, Snoop Dogg, Supafly, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and [/a] for the G-Unit album.”

He continued: “We’re going back and forth. It’s all about co-ordination. Sometimes they’re doing their parts while we’re onstage. We’ll be in there sometimes together. Especially after the show, we have our little parties or whatever. We be having a good time. We’re trying to make it a whole album, just unite together and keep it crackin’.”

There are no definite plans as yet for the tracks to be released, although [a]’s G-Unit Recordings is the most likely home for any DPG-Unit releases.