And the collaboration will be produced by The Neptunes...

SNOOP DOGG, WARREN G and NATE DOGG are working on an album together with THE NEPTUNES – 12 years after the trio formed 213.

Named after the Long Beach area code, the group’s debut will be released in November, and will feature additional production by many of the same producers behind Snoop’s‘s recent ‘Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss’.

“We’ve been in the laboratory doing real good music, so we should have a single for y’all maybe in about three weeks, maybe a month,” Snoop said. “It’s hot… The West Coast is back, believe it!”

He added, “I’m just trying to put together the best record to represent 213, since we never came with a record before, nobody really heard us as a group.”

The rapper explained, “We’re really getting each others’ back on every record. It makes the job that much easier and more like team ball. I play team ball better anyways.”

The group are aiming to start recording their album in the Autumn.

Despite not having a name for the forthcoming 213 record, Snoop‘s next solo outing is to be called ‘Snoopafly’ and will be produced by [/a].

“I’ve been looking forward to working with him, and he wants to work with me, so we just gonna make it happen and bridge the gap and put together a classic record,” Snoop said.

He also revealed that there may be a film to go with the release: “Doing it with Puff ([a]) is gonna make it so big to where it’s gonna have to have a movie and a big budget,” he said.

Fans however may be in for a shock as the rapper is hinting that there may be a change of direction in his sound.

“It’s just something about rock that just brings out a certain type of energy in me that sometimes just needs to be released,” he said. “You never know, I might go rock and roll for a minute.”