Confusion surrounds an alleged 'gunshot' which interrupted Snoop Dogg's London Subterania show last night...

Snoop Dogg‘s sold-out show at London Ladbroke Grove Subterrania last night was interrupted by an alleged ‘gunshot’ which may or may not have come from a gun or a ‘banger’. No-one was hurt.

The incident happened thirty five minutes or so into his set. There was a loud bang, a sharp noise.

“It was hard to tell with the music being so loud. But then I definitely smelled something that was like cordite. I don’t know if it was a gun or a firework, but something definitely went off,” one eyewitness told NME.


Snoop didn’t actually seem to notice the ‘shot’. A security guard went over and said something to Snoop and he left the stage. He was off for a few minutes then he came back on and did four more songs.

While he was offstage, a lot of rumours circulated amongst the crowd who were packed solidly into the West London auditorium, that it had been a shot from a blank-firing pistol.

Snoop‘s own minders looked through the crowd for the culprit.

Radio 1 reported that he came back on and had a rant about guns, but this is not actually true. He kept his cool and finished the set. When he came back onstage at the end, Snoop said: “I’m offering a thousands pounds for anyone who can fuck up the motherfucker who fucked up my show.”

According to Scotland yard, police were not called and there are no plans at present (12.20 pm GMT) to investigate the incident further.

A spokesman for Virgin, Snoop‘s UK label issued a statement denying that anything had happened and that the show had actually passed without incident. A later statement said that it had actually been a party-popper that had halted the show.


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