Snoop Dogg sued by religious group over ‘blasphemous’ music video – watch

Public interest lawsuit filed against rapper over 'King' video with Iranian-born pop singer Amitis

Members of the Indian Zorostrian community have sued Snoop Dogg after having taken offence to a music video featuring the rapper smoking marijuana on a throne set to a backdrop featuring a sacred religious symbol.

The video is for the song ‘King’ by Iranian-born pop singer Amitis and depicts the 43-year-old rapper smoking a joint whilst sitting on a throne with the Zoroastrian ‘faraharvar’ symbol behind it.

The images caused upset amongst the members of the Zorostrian community, many of whom found them to be disrespectful and blasphemous.

A public interest lawsuit has been issued by the Calcutta Zoroastrian chapter in the hopes of getting the video, which also features pole dancers in golden underwear and men as cliched Ancient Egyptian servants, banned.

A representative said: “The wrong use of religious and sacred symbols and iconography hurts, insults and outrages the religious sentiments and beliefs of Parsi Zoroastrians.”

Watch the video in question below.

This isn’t the first time the Snoop Dogg, born Calvin Broadus Jr, has found himself in the midst of controversy. In September 2014, an image of two men embracing was uploaded onto his Instagram, accompanied by an allegedly homophobic caption.

The post allegedly read: “U n ya boyfriend since u like Jumpn on my page disrespectn bitch boy go suck ya man n get off my line f**,” but was deleted less than an hour later. It is unclear whether the post was uploaded by the rapper himself or whether he was hacked.