Watch Snoop Dogg play “Howz it Mizzade?” guessing game on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

The rapper was appearing in a skit on the popular US chat show

Snoop Doog has taken part in a guessing game on the US chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, called ‘Howz it Mizzade’.

The rapper has been a regular guest on the popular show, putting himself forward for a number of light-hearted skits that run off the 44-year-old’s unique turn of phrase.

In last night’s (August 2) edition of the show, the eponymous host challenged Snoop to a guessing game called ‘Howz it Mizzade’. The premise saw Snoop sitting at a table as he was shown stock footage of something being made, with the clues becoming increasingly clearer as the footage progressed. Snoop had to figure out what the object being made was before the footage runs out.

Watch the skit below.

Recently, Snoop and fellow California rapper The Game lead a peace rally with rival gang members in L.A.