Snoop Dogg granted Australian visa despite women’s rights petition

Collective Shout say that his lyrics glorify violence against women

Snoop Dogg has been granted an Australian work visa, though a petition with 2,500 signatories had asked that the rapper be refused admission to the country.

The rapper will perform at the Big Day Out festival this month against the wishes of the Collective Shout group, who asked for his visa to be revoked, as they claim his lyrics glorify violence against women. The Guardian reports that immigration minister Scott Morrison told journalists “Snoop Dogg has a visa” though he had received a letter from Collective Shout which read: “Snoop Dogg’s lyrics glorify violence against women which puts all women in danger. His behaviour also contradicts our national plan to reduce violence against women… If you really care about women and girls, you will revoke his visa and deny him entry.”

Last year Snoop Dogg released a collaborative album with Dam-Funk under the name 7 Days Of Funk. The hip-hop star had previously reinvented himself as a reggae artist called Snoop Lion after converting to Rastafarianism, releasing the album ‘Reincarnated’.

For the funk project, Snoop calls himself Snoopzilla, which sees him paying tribute to funk bassist Bootsy Collins, who referred to himself as Bootzilla. Speaking about the project, Snoop commented: “Me and my man Dam-Funk grew up on Kool & The Gang, Parliament Funkadelic and The Gap Band, and we wanted to recreate the funk with modern vibes for 7 Days of Funk.”