Snoop Lion: ‘Musically I can do whatever I like’

Rapper-turned-reggae singer reveals February release date for new album

Snoop Lion has said that he does not have to justify his change from gangster rap to reggae to anyone, saying he has complete freedom in his creative direction.

The artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg spoke to Billboard about his musical change, saying that he is hoping to release his first reggae album ‘Reincarnation’ in February, with plans to put out a documentary explaining his new direction beforehand.

“If I just drop this music, it leaves room for questioning,” Snoop told the US publication. “You wouldn’t understand the whole journey or the transformation. When I allow you to see the movie, to go on the journey with me, to see exactly why I’m the Lion.”

Snoop then added: “People respect me, so musically I can do whatever I like. When I took on a song that I had called ‘Sexual Eruption’ it was a song where there was singing on 90 per cent of the song, and it was one of my biggest records. One thing about me and the people, they appreciate my voice, no matter what it’s doing. If it’s singing, rapping, talking, they appreciate the voice and the time that I put into giving them something creative from me. That’s why the transformation into reggae fits the mode better because to me reggae is about love and peace and unity and struggle.”

Snoop Lion recently played his first live show in Toronto, Canada seguing between songs with cuts from Bob Marley’s ‘Could You Be Loved’ and ‘Iron Lion Zion’. Snoop also played several Dogg faves in their original form. The performance, however, ventured into the bizarre with trad-reggae retakes of songs like ‘Gin & Juice’ and ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’.