Snoop Dogg hits out at Tekashi 6ix9ine: “Stop pushing this rat!”

"Fuck 69 and everybody pushing his line right now."

Snoop Dogg has hit out at Tekashi 6ix9ine, after the rapper began a huge comeback following his release from prison.

The rapper – real name Daniel Hernandez – was released from prison last month after expressing fears over contracting coronavirus.

Hernandez, who had served 17 months of a two year sentence for rackeetering, is now serving the remainder of his sentence under house arrest.


Since his release, he has dropped new track ‘Gooba’, which smashed YouTube’s record for the most-watched hip-hop video in a 24-hour span.

However, it seems Snoop isn’t a fan of the support received by Hernandez. He commented on an Instagram post shared by TIDAL’s chief content officer: “They gotta stop pushing this [rat].”

Snoop added: “All these media outlets making snitching cool. I’m old school. Fuck 69 and everybody pushing his line right now, all New York GZ feel me on this and if you don’t fuck u2.”

Addressing Tekashi’s long-standing feud with Meek Mill , he wrote: “@meekmill if you allow sucka shit you a sucka. Love you cuz stay sucka free.”

Hernandez made his much talked about return to the public eye with an Instagram Live session on Friday (May 8) which broke another record, the record for the most number of people tuned into the platform at the same time: 2 million.

Tekashi 6ix9in
Tekashi 6ix9ine – Credit: Getty


He was given prison time last December after pleading guilty to racketeering and an array of other charges, but he had his sentence cut after co-operating with authorities and testifying against other members of the Nine Trey Bloods gang.

Defending his decision to “snitch”, he said: “I appreciate every little thing and I did nothing wrong. Yes, I didn’t need all of that beef. I’m the biggest artist in the fucking world.”

“Where was the loyalty when you were caught on the wire tap trying to kill me, where was the loyalty when you were trying to kidnap my mother, where was the loyalty when you stole a million dollars from me?” he said.

“Where was that? So who broke it first? I get it, don’t fight fire with fire. I’m sorry, but what did I do wrong? Be loyal to n***** who fuckin’ my baby mums? Be loyal to n***** that kidnapped me, beat the shit outta me on video and everything? I’m supposed to be loyal to that? Y’all don’t want to accept that those are true facts.”

He was also recently moved after the address of his house arrest accommodation was leaked online.

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