“Cannabis versus booze, bring it on”: Paul Gascoigne challenges Snoop Dogg to boxing match over “alcohol abuse” meme

"I’ll take him in the ring. I’ve been working hard, working out"

Paul Gascoigne has suggested he and Snoop Dogg compete in a boxing match following Snoop’s posting of a meme that suggested the football legend is the reason not to abuse alcohol.

Snoop took to his Instagram page on Thursday (June 27) to share a picture of the ex-England midfielder at the age of 20 alongside an unflattering newer picture of the former footballer. The caption “alcohol abuse” is displayed above.


In the same picture, the rapper posted a picture of himself at 20 and a picture of himself now, looking like he has hardly aged, with the word “marijuana abuse” above.

The picture resulted in an angry response from Twitter users who branded the rapper “cold”. Gascoigne later responded, calling Snoop an “ugly twat”.


Today (July 1), Gascoigne appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to explain and address the situation further.

“I was in Spain doing a couple of charity events and I hoped I might get some decent press and when I landed my Twitter page went mad. I thought, ‘What’s happening?’ When I found out it was Snoop Dogg I was like, ‘Why me?’ I expect it from the English press, but it came from Snoop Dogg.

Paul Gascoigne on 'Good Morning Britain'
Paul Gascoigne on ‘Good Morning Britain’


Gascoigne, who has has openly talked about his problems with alcohol abuse over the years, also proposed the idea of a charity boxing match to settle the score.

“I’m a fan of [Snoop Dogg] as well, I can’t believe it. I’ll tell you what I’d do, I’d do a charity boxing match with him. Cannabis versus booze, bring it on!”

“I’ll take him in the ring. I’ve been working hard, working out,” he added.

Snoop Dogg is yet to comment.

The unlikely feud has drawn lots of discussion online. One Twitter user wrote: “Can honestly say it feels great to be alive knowing I was here to witness gazza beefing with snoop dog.” See more below:


In other news, earlier this month Snoop took to Instagram to give his verdict on the new Child’s Play reboot.

“Uh oh, that look like Chucky little hands!” Snoop remarks as he watches the murderous doll pick up a kitchen knife. He also affirms the movie’s fright factor: “Don’t let the name fool you, boys and girls. All you little dogs better stay at home, because Child’s Play ain’t for kids.”

He later declares: “Damn, Chucky is wakin’, bakin’ and takin’ it to the next level. This toy is gonna destroy!”