Snoop Dogg thanks fans as mother’s health battle continues

"I'm being tested right now, ya'll. Make sure ya'll pray for me and my family"

Snoop Dogg has updated fans on his mother’s condition, as she continues to face a serious health battle.

The rapper’s mother Beverly Tate has been in hospital since May, with the exact nature of her condition unknown.

Snoop posted an update on Instagram yesterday (July 25), sharing a photo of himself and his brothers visiting Tate at the hospital.

“Happy Sunday me and my brothers went to c mama today and she opened up her eyes to c us and let us know she still fighting,” Snoop said. “God is good […] thanks for all the prayers 1 day at a time.”

Among those offering their support to Snoop in the comments were Dr. Dre, Jamie Foxx, Lizzo and Busta Rhymes.

“Thank y’all for all your prayers,” Snoop later wrote in a video update. “Gotta stay strong, keep pushing on.

“They say God don’t put nothing on your shoulders you can’t handle. I’m being tested right now, ya’ll. Make sure ya’ll pray for me and my family.”

Snoop, recently appointed as Def Jam’s Executive Creative and Strategic Consultant, announced in May that he’s developing an anthology series based on his life and career, which could span “six or seven seasons” and which will partly examine his parents’ relationship.

“I think what makes the most sense to me is the ‘Snoop Dogg anthology’, the life story of Snoop Dogg, where it starts with my mother and father meeting each other before I was even born, to me being born, to me growing through the ‘70s and ‘80s and the ‘90s,” he explained.

“Me being the ‘Black Forest Gump’, so to speak, seeing me in all of these highlighted moments in American history.”