Three US state parole agents lose their jobs after it emerged they were working for the rapper...

Three US state parole agents have been sacked after it emerged that they were working as bodyguards for SNOOP DOGG.

The officers have not been named by the Los Angeles’ corrections department, but it was revealed that three parole agents were part of the rapper’s entourage and a fourth was found to be working for Dogg while on disability leave.

An inquiry began in June last year after Dogg‘s caravan was stopped following the Black Entertainment Television Awards in Los Angeles and police arrested three heavily-armed bodyguards and confiscated knives, ammunition and handguns.

According to BBC News, a spokesperson for the parole agents declined to revealed why the three were fired, though admitted that they expect the trio to appeal against the decision within 30 days.

The spokesperson explained that state regulations forbid employment if it is “incompatible or inconsistent” with their duties.