The band warn there may be a wait for their new 'bolder' album…

Snow Patrol are making headway with their ‘bolder’ new album, but have warned fans that they might have a wait on their hands.

The band are planning to head into the studio with long-term producer Garrett Lee in the coming months to make the follow-up to 2003’s ‘Final Straw’, but singer Gary Lightbody told NME.COM that they were conscious that the record was taking a while.

He said: “It’s very early stages, which you know, for anybody that might like Snow Patrol, it’s been a while since ‘Final Straw’, that was 2003 if you bought it the first time it was released. We realise that time was ticking on, but we have been on tour solidly for two years, so it’s not all our fault, but we could maybe have got it a bit further on, but we can’t force it either.”

The band have been using their American tour to break in new bass player Paul Wilson and debut new songs. “There’s one song, ‘Chasing Cars’, which everybody seems to be saying positive things about,” said Lightbody of the reaction. “It’s slightly more upbeat or something. I don’t know exactly what the difference is, but maybe we’re not being afraid to make a bolder statement, before we were maybe a little bit shy. This time we’re making a bloody racket!”