Snow Patrol album update

Details of the band's new record emerge

Snow Patrol will move to a London studio next week to continue work on their new album.

The band have been in Scotland working on songs which will feature on the follow-up to 2003’s ’Final Straw’ album.

Writing to fans online, singer Gary Lightbody said that taking some time out from the creative process has reaped rewards.

He said: “We took a little time off to rest. We needed a few weeks of feet up in front of ’The West Wing’ and ’Arrested Development’. The holiday ended some weeks ago when (the band and producer Garret Lee) were bundled into Berkley Rehearsal Room in Glasgow to get together what turned out to be 30 songs.

“Over the last wee while we’ve tinkered, steered, and unceremoniously bludgeoned these baby tunes into odd shapes and smells. To us anyway they seem to make more sense now and by the time we’ve finished with them hopefully they’ll make sense to you too.”

This coming Monday (October 31) the band will start recording proper in England, with a view to releasing the album next year.