The band have gone through a songwriting frenzy...

Snow Patrol aim to write 50 songs for their new album.

The band currently have 25 to 30 tunes written for the record, but aim to virtually double that before they go into the studio.

“The last time we made an album (2003’s ‘Final Straw’) we were so rushed and we only had 14 songs, 12 of which ended up on the album so it was not the best way of going about things,” singer Gary Lightbody told NME.COM.

“We were just so rushed and we didn’t have any money,” he added. “So this time around it’s a lot different. We get some time so we’re going to use it.”

The group have been playing three new live on their recent US tour – ‘It’s Beginning To Get To Me’, ‘Chasing Cars’ and ‘Your Halo’.

Describing the sound of the tracks, Lightbody said: “They are completely different to each other. ‘It’s Beginning to Get to Me’ is kind of a rolling rock song. ‘Chasing Cars’ is sort of an upbeat, anthemic, giant song, and ’Your Halo’ is a good old-fashioned rock & roll stomp.”