Snow Patrol set to start work on new album

Gary Lightbody expects sessions to last just six weeks…

Snow Patrol expect to record their next album in just six weeks.

The band who plan to enter the studio to work on a follow-up to ’Final Straw’ soon, believe that with the preparation they’ve done so far they’ll only need a month and a half to nail the album.

”We hope to be under way with recording by the end of September and spend not much more than six weeks on the recording itself,” wrote frontman Gary Lightbody on [url=]

”The plan is to be so well prepared before we go in that we can be focused, rather than jam like some bands.” he explained. ”Jamming never worked for us! Also it’s a good way to keep disciplined as we do have time, money and resources now it could be tempting to get complacent. We won’t. We know how long it took to get into this position so we’re not gonna take it for granted.”

Lightbody added that the band hadn’t yet decided which studios they are going to use but was looking forward to getting on with sessions.

“That’s the plan and as Rabbie Burns said ‘the best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men gang aft agley’ so we’ll see what happens,” Lightbody concluded. “Hopefully we’ll do ourselves and you guys proud.”