The labelless indie rockers find themselves in an unexpectedly glamorous situation...

Labelless indie outfit Snow Patrol have been asked to compose the soundtrack for a catwalk fashion show in BRAZIL.

The band were approached by designers Marcelo & Laurenzo through their former label Jeepster.

The designers asked the band to record a special 15-minute version of their song ‘Black And Blue’ from their last album ‘When It’s All Over We Still Have To Clear Up’, and ordered 100 copies of the record to hand out as gifts to the assembled fashionista at their spring show in Sao Paolo.

Bassist Mark McClelland, told NME.COM: “It wasn’t really much to do with us. ‘When It’s All Over’ finally got released in other places, and we’d done a few interviews. Apparently it’s taken off quite well in Brazil, and for some reason these two fashion designers latched on to the song and want to base their whole catwalk show around it.

“They want a 15-minute version of it, which is going to be going on and on in the background while these models walk up and down in duffel coats and Glasgow chic, or whatever they’re trying to say with the music,” he joked.

“It seems to be quite vital to the whole thing. They’ve bought 100 albums to give to all the journalists and the other designers.”

He said the band, not famed for their stylish image, were disappointed not to be able to perform the song in person and were “very confused” about the approach.

“We don’t have an image, it’s a bit weird. The fashion people are trying to look cool through using our music, but it doesn’t mean we are cool in any way!”

Snow Patrol, who have a gig at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow

on Saturday(January 26) as part of the city’s Celtic

Connections festival, are about to start work on their as-yet untitled third album.

“We’ve got about 19 songs together, and we’ll do another few before we decide what to do with them,” said Mark. “We’ve just got a new publishing deal, new management and have a few labels showing serious interest. It’s great that everything’s happening so early in the year, we’re happy.” He added that the band hope to release a single by summer, with the album following later in the year.