Snow Patrol envious of ‘superhuman’ Franz Ferdinand

Work on new album is finally underway

Snow Patrol have paid tribute to Franz Ferdinand as they begin sessions for their new album.

Writing to fans on singer Gary Lightbody explained that the follow-up to ‘Final Straw’ was taking its time because he does not have the same energy levels as Alex Kapranos, who followed up his debut album inside a year.

Lightbody wrote: “Just to tell you how things are going. Know we’ve been quiet for a while now seemingly. We took a little time off to rest as we’ve not the superhuman strength of Franz. How on Earth did they manage to write and record an album appearing, to the naked eye at least, to have never stopped touring? Talent. Stamina. Being grown-ups. All valid answers I attest.

“Anyway… we have to ration what we have of these qualities so we needed a few weeks of feet up in front of ‘The West Wing’ and ‘Arrested Development’.”

However, Snow Patrol have now begun recording in earnest with Garret Lee, who also handled ‘Final Straw’.

The letter continues: “The holiday ended some weeks ago when the six of us, us five plus the man whose brain is so full of ideas they sometimes spill out like molten genius Tourettes, Garret Lee, all were bundled into Berkley rehearsal room in Glasgow to get together what turned out to be 30 songs written by Paul, Nathan and myself.

“Over the last wee while we’ve tinkered, steered, and unceremoniously bludgeoned these baby tunes into odd shapes and smells. To us anyway they seem to make more sense now and by the time we’ve finished with them hopefully they’ll make sense to you too.”