So Solid Crew’s Romeo re-records ’21 Seconds’ for car insurance firm

MC defends new rendition of the garage classic as "raising awareness with young boy racers about how important and easy it is to get insured"

So Solid Crew rapper Romeo Dunn has re-recorded the garage group’s 2001 hit ’21 Seconds’ for a car insurance firm. Scroll down to watch it.

The clip was shot for online insurance business, and sees the London MC rework lines from the Number One single about a new app offering quotes on car insurance in just 21 seconds.

“It was a fun thing to do, an idea with a quirky edge to it,” Dunn tells NME. “They came to me with the idea and I loved it. I love viral things like the Harlem Shake and thought this had the same potential to be passed around the internet.” Asked if he was worried if the advert might damage the group’s credibility ahead of a planned October comeback arena tour, he said: “I don’t think selling out comes into it. It’s raising awareness with young boy racers about how important and easy it is to get insured. I’m doing it for the greater cause.”


The group launched their comeback earlier this year with a performance at London’s IndigO2, featuring original members Megaman, Lisa Maffia, Oxide & Neutrino, MC Harvey and Asher D.

In July, the band were dropped from the lineup at this year’s Lovebox festival in London. “Yes #LoveBox is canceled because another artist don’t want us on the same stage as them. UK artists blocking SoSolid #Wow,” he tweeted. “We sell out the indigo! we are doing the 02 arena, we gave artist careers and they still treat us like cunts.” Harvey then claimed that “So solid crew is a scapegoat for the industry some conspiracy ting KMT” and railed against the lack of respect he feels the group has been shown.