"You regret it but you say sorry and move on", the star tells NME.COM...

SO SOLID CREW’s ASHER D has apologised for the gun crime which landed him in prison, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

In March, Asher D – real name Ashley Walters – was sentenced to 18 months at Feltham Young Offenders Institute after pleading guilty to possession of a loaded gun. He was arrested in London after threatening a traffic warden with the gun.

In an exclusive interview the rapper said: “Everyone will remember shit that I’ve done. I may have a bad temper at times, but so have most people. But at the same time it’s done now. You regret it but you say sorry and move on. If people hold it against you then that’s fair enough, but it don’t mean you can’t change.”

While regretting his own behaviour, Asher D defended So Solid after their tour and Homelands appearance were cancelled because of fears of violence. But the father of two admitted he may not allow his own children attend a So Solid gig.

“People are associating us with bad things that have happened at out raves, but they don’t know the real people inside of us,” he told NME.COM. “I was upset when we couldn’t tour. It seemed like the venues were just being spiteful. But if it was genuinely cos they feared violence and there would be young kids there, then fair enough. If my kids wanted to go to a So Solid gig and I knew there would be violence there, maybe I wouldn’t want them to go.”

Asher D’s debut solo single, ‘Back In The Day’/‘Why Me’, is set for release on May 20.