'Where For Art Thou Romeo' features a contribution from the star's brother...

One of So Solid Crew‘s most prominent members ROMEO is to release a solo track called ‘WHERE FOR ART THOU ROMEO’.

The song will also feature a contribution from his brother Mad Kid and other members of the So Solid Crew collective.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1, Romeo described the track as being like ’21 Seconds’, So Solid Crew‘s biggest hit to date.

“It’s got everyone from So Solid Crew – everyone that featured on ’21 Seconds’ – plus some new artists, including my little brother, Mad Kid,” he said.

Romeo added: “He’s interviewing all the So Solid Crew members about where they were when I got ‘kidnapped’. There’s a proper storyline behind it. When you listen to it you can actually picture a video.”

‘Where For Art Thou Romeo’ will be released later this year.