Government comes in for criticism as gun and drugs charges against the star are dropped...

SO SOLID CREW member KAISH is a free man again after gun and drugs charges against him were thrown out of court.

The rapper, real name Shane Neil, spent four months in prison awaiting trial after being arrested and charged with possessing a gun, possessing ammunition without a firearms certificate and offering to supply drugs. The case against him was dismissed yesterday (June 4) on the eve of his trial at Southwark Crown Court. The charges were based on lip-read images gathered from CCTV footage.

No drugs or guns were found on the star on his arrest or during follow-up searches at his home. He was jailed immediately following his arrest in November and he broke down and cried in court when he was remanded over the Christmas holidays. He was bailed in April.


Now controversial MP Kim Howells has become embroiled in the case fall-out. Earlier this year, Howells claimed So Solid Crew were to blame for an escalation in gun-crime in Britain and he attacked “hateful lyrics of those boasting, macho idiot rappers”. Neil’s lawyer Michael Schwarz said he was considering legal action against the government, saying Howells’ remarks could have jeopardised Neil’s chance of a fair trial. He also said the minister’s comments could have led to Neil serving four months on remand unnecessarily.

Action may also follow against Home Secretary David Blunkett. He has said rap lyrics contained “appalling” violence.

“There is a responsibility on the Government to make sure people are dealt with fairly,” said Mr Schwarz. “We might be raising this with the ministers. It’s too early to say whether we would consider legal proceedings.

“There is an issue around the effect the ministers’ comments had on the atmosphere at the time crucial decisions were made in Shane’s case about whether to prosecute and whether to continue charges.”

Neil has not yet commented on his release.