The collective say 'Fuck It' later this month...

So Solid Crew are set to kick off 2002 with their first ever mix album, titled simply ‘FUCK IT’.

The south London collective, who will play a secret live show in London this coming weekend ( click here for details), will release the album on January 14.

‘Fuck It’ will include two previously unheard So Solid Crew tracks, ‘Lifestyle’ and ‘2 Dark’, a selection of So Solid Crew remixes and all the band’s videos. The group have also cut tracks by Daniel Bedingfield, So Solid Crew, Pay As You Go Cartel and K2 Family into the mix.

[a][/a] topped the single charts in the UK last year with ’21 Seconds’. However, towards the end of the year their position as a cause celebre, who continually attracted violence to their shows, led to the cancellation of their UK tour.