The So Solid Crew leader says he thinks the sentence is "fair enough"...

So Solid Crew leader MEGAMAN has spoken extensively for the first time about fellow member ASHER D’s jail sentence for weapon possession.

Megaman has told NME.COM he believes that the 18-month sentence will leave Asher D – real name Ashley Walters – “focused” and “prepared for what’s ahead”.

Megaman told NME.COM that the incarcerated rapper’s material will address the events around his trial and imprisonment. “I reckon that album is about Asher and his deep frame of mind,” said Megaman, who acted as executive producer on the record. “All the troubles that are happening around him, he’s just telling you about them.”

Megaman added that he thought the sentence was fair. “I was in Miami at the time,” he told NME.COM. “When I got the phone call, I thought to myself ‘Fair enough’. He ain’t a murderer, he ain’t used a pistol in any incident himself, he had the pistol because he was scared. I reckon it was a fair verdict. I thought to myself, ‘he’s going to do at most nine months, so that by the time he gets out come November he should be a bit more focused on the music, prepared for what’s ahead.'”

Before Asher’s sentencing in March, his management and So Solid Crew kingpin Megaman put everything in place to allow his solo career to begin while he was behind bars.

Megaman added that Asher is coping well with prison, despite other inmates singling him out because of his celebrity.

He said: “At the end of the day, when you are a celebrity going behind bars there’s always going to be a problem. [There are others who say] ‘I’m going to give you as many problems as possible, so you stay here as long as you can’.

“It hasn’t really affected him. Everyone is from the streets, everyone knows everyone. There are people in there that he knows anyway. I haven’t been up to see him yet. A few of the members have. He’s doing okay.”

Five years ago, Megaman himself served time in Feltham Young Offenders Centre, where Asher moved on sentencing, for attempted murder. He was released after four months and the charges dropped.

The single ‘Back In The Day’/’Why Me’ is released on May 20 with the album to follow in September.