The star refutes allegations that he was involved in an assualt on the holiday resort of Ayia Napa...

SO SOLID CREW star NEUTRINO has categorically denied any part in an attack on a woman on the dance mecca of AYIA NAPA, said to involve seven men.

The woman, 21-year-old Jana Wheeler, alleges in today’s (August 6) Sun newspaper that after chatting to members of So Solid Crew at the Insomnia club in Ayia Napa, she went to their villa with them and friends.

She claims to have been stripped from the waist down in one of the villa bedrooms, surrounded by seven men, asked to perform oral sex and punched twice when she tried to leave.

While Neutrino is named as one of those present by a pal of Wheeler’s who attempted to rescue her friend after hearing her screams – a spokesperson for the garage star told NME.COM today that there “is absolutely no truth whatsoever” in the claims. “Neutrino was not involved in the incident at all,” he added. Neutrino gave a statement to local police who do not suspect him of involvement, the spokesperson added.

At time of going to press a spokesperson for So Solid Crew could not be reached for comment, though did tell The Sun: “They categorically deny being involved in any assault and no member has been charged with any offence.”

A local man, Alexis Melekkis, is said to have been charged with ABH for his part in the attack. If convicted, he faces up three years in jail.