The star tells NME.COM that police forces "were giving clubs no choice but to cancel"...

So Solid Crew have slammed the police, blaming them for the dramatic collapse of the collective’s UK tour last week.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, core member Oxide, also one half of chart-topping duo Oxide & Neutrino, said the police “know damn right” that the band had nothing to do with the recent shootings at their London Astoria show, the catalyst for the cancellations and insisted: “They’re maybe not good enough [to catch the perpetrators] so they’re trying to blame it on us.”

The Astoria attack left two men hospitalised with leg wounds after being shot during the early hours of November 1 at a party for crew member Romeo’s 21st birthday. Following weeks of speculation and the cancellation of several individual shows, the So Solid Crew tour was cancelled completely last Tuesday (December 4) on the eve of its scheduled kick-off in Norwich on December 5.


“When the clubs were talking to [the police] saying we were going to play on a night, they were told you need to pay for extra policing to be ready in case anything happens,” he said. “The tickets were selling, the promoters were happy – it’s just the police. They just don’t really want us in the clubs.”

Oxide also said that police forces were placing clubs in a lose/lose position – if they wanted the show to go ahead they had to pay an excessive premium in order to have officers on duty. But if they went ahead and booked the police were “not going to look nicely on [them]. They’re giving the clubs no choice but to cancel,” he said.

A spokesperson for the University Of East Anglia Students Union, where the tour was to have begun, backed up Oxide’s claim.

“The police did say they would have to lay on officers and someone would have to pay for them,” she said. “I can never remember any event here when that has happened in recent times. The only time I believe it had happened in the past was on the Sex Pistols tour.”

For more from Oxide, see the new issue of NME (December 15) in shops in London today (December 11) and throughout the UK tomorrow.