Bored of the authorities' attitudes, core member Neutrino told NME.COM they are considering a spot of DIY...

SO SOLID CREW are considering putting on their own festival after being banned from playing live in England, Scotland and Wales.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, So Solid core member Neutrino said of the idea: “We could. Back in the days, we used to hold raves for three to four thousand people.”

And he also said that the measures that had been meted out against the band, which he initially thought would made them stronger, were “getting boring now.”

However, the MC – who also makes up one half of garage duo Oxide & Neutrino – said that fundamental problems still existed with authorities’ attitudes and they needed to be resolved first before they could put on their own event.

“They’re just doing it for the sake of it and blaming security measures and whatever. But they just need to sort it out with us at the end of the day. They’re saying they don’t want So Solid here because of this and that, and it’s really getting stupid now.

“If we were to hold [a festival] now, the same problems might happen, so really we have to sort things out.”

Oxide & Neutrino are due to play a rare live show in London this evening (April 10) at the Hackney Ocean. They, like the entire So Solid collective, were barred from performing at June’s Homelands Festival when police expressed fears over public safety issues. Similar reasons were used for preventing the duo and the collective touring Britain late last year.

Neutrino also revealed that he and Oxide are “just putting the finishing touches” to their new album.

“It’s going to be something completely different to the last one. It’s on the next advanced level,” he said.

A single will appear around the end of May, while the as yet untitled album is being slated for a September release.