The detective in charge of the investigation says that none of the hundreds of potential witnesses have spoken out...

The So Solid Crew ASTORIA shootings last month look likely to go unsolved because none of the hundreds of potential witnesses there that evening have spoken out, NME.COM can reveal.

In an exclusive interview, the detective heading up the investigation into the crimes has revealed that despite a month of investigation into the attacks the inquiry “won’t progress any further” as no-one has come forward with information about what they saw.

The attack, during a party to celebrate So Solid Crew‘s member MC Romeo’s 21st birthday left two men hospitalised with gunshot wounds in the early hours of November 1.

Superintendent Barry Phillips, “We’ve got no leads at the moment as to who are the suspects,” he said. “Unless we get a witness who is willing to talk to us and tell us exactly what they saw then it won’t progress any further. We have forensic evidence, we have the evidence of the victims, we haven’t got any evidence at all from any eyewitnesses about who the suspects are.”

Phillips said he didn’t necessarily believe the witnesses were scared to come forward for fear of reprisals, insisting instead that the size of the crowd and “speed of how events happened” prevented clear recollections.

The superintendent also put paid to some of the rumours about who the shooters were. One rumour suggested one of the injured men was loosely associated with So Solid Crew and had inadvertently shot himself while showing off a new gun.

“We’ve heard it, but the facts that we have don’t bear that out,” he said. However, jealousy at So Solid Crew‘s success was a motive police are considering, he said.

“So Solid Crew have attained a position of stardom and wealth and tend to flaunt that through their music and [stage] act and so may present a target to other gangs… who would see it as the ultimate putdown to carry out an attack and robbery whilst they were onstage,” he explained.

“We know that in the premises there were rival gangs around the dancefloor,” he added.