Cardiff University gig goes the way of the Astoria...

SO SOLID CREW have had another date cancelled on their upcoming UK tour, this time next Thursday (December 6) at Cardiff University.

As with the show that had been due to take place at the London Astoria on December 18 but was cancelled by the venue, the Cardiff gig has been pulled at the request of the hosts.

However, while the Astoria show was blocked over public safety fears, primarily because of the shooting of two men in the venue a month ago at a So Solid gig, NME.COM understands that the Cardiff event has been cancelled because of growing local pressure concerning the sentencing handed to a So Solid member convicted of seriously injuring a Cardiff girl.

Skat D broke the jaw of a teenage fan following a So Solid Crew show last December in Cardiff. She had spurned his sexual advances. Skat D escaped a jail sentence, walking away with just a fine.

It is unclear at present if So Solid Crew will attempt to reschedule the date. A new venue for their December 18 show has not yet been found.