Lisa Maffia stunned as a man is killed at a venue where she was due to perform...

SO SOLID CREW‘s LISA MAFFIA has broken her silence over the Easter Sunday murder at a LONDON nightclub where she had been set to perform, blasting the “shocking tragedy” and calling again for an end to the growing gun culture in Britain.

A clubber was shot dead after violence erupted at the Twice As Nice club night in Turnmills in Farringdon on Sunday (April 20). Police say up to eight men burst into the club and opened fire, wounding a 27-year old man. Two gangs then spilled out onto the street and continued firing at each other from an Audi and a BMW. A man in the Audi, named as Michael Trevor Francois, was fatally shot in the head when the car rammed into parked cars. One man in his twenties has been arrested.

“This is a terrible tragedy – and it’s a shocking thing when kids who just want to go out and party, to celebrate Easter, are caught up in this senseless violence,” Maffia said today (April 22). “Guns should have no place in our society we should do everything we can to encourage ending this violent culture – which is why I along with others in So Solid Crew are taking part in the ‘Disarm’ Campaign.”

Maffia insisted that a show planned for Thursday (April 24) by her and other key members of So Solid Crew would go ahead. The gig, at Ocean in Hackney, is part of a series in London venues under the ‘Disarm’ banner – coinciding with a gun amnesty in the city and planned to encourage urban youth to turn their back on guns.

It will mark the first major So Solid Crew show in London since October 2001, when two people were shot at a show in the Astoria.