Megaman strenuously distances his band from any involvement in the London Astoria incident...

SO SOLID CREW founder member and main producer MEGAMAN is blaming an established ‘culture of violence’ in the garage scene for the shootings at the LONDON ASTORIA last week – but has strenuously distanced his band from any involvement.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, Megaman said: “It’s more to do with gang warfare. They just coming to the rave to sort their violence and all that shit. A lot of people make it sound as though it’s all happening just around So Solid. But it happens at most other events…the incident that happened that night (Astoria, October 31), the direct attack, I don’t think it was people who were just out for us.”

For more, see this week’s NME, out in London now and nationwide tomorrow (November 13).