An appeal is won and a new licence granted...

The LONDON ASTORIA was saved from closure yesterday (March 19) after WESTMINSTER COUNCIL threatened to shut the venue down.

The council were set to revoke the venue’s licence after two men received gunshot wounds during a So Solid Crew gig in November 2001.

Venue organisers Mean Fiddler appealed and have guaranteed the venue’s future, and obtained a new 6am licence.

Mean Fiddler MD Vince Power said: “This is obviously very good news. I’m delighted that the Magistrate Court has confirmed the faith in the management structure that I have always had at the Astoria, and that they have found the venue to be well managed. The Astoria can now continue to run successfully providing entertainment of the highest quality in the centre of London.”

The Astoria has a capacity of 2,000 people and attracts an average of 380,000 customers every year.