The group's figurehead Megaman breaks the collective's silence over the shootings at their recent London show...

SO SOLID CREW have broken their silence over the shooting at their LONDON show last week (October 31) that left two men in hospital.

The group’s figurehead Megaman has claimed that, far from running for cover from the stage when shooting broke out, as initial reports suggested, the band were safely back in their dressing rooms at the Astoria Theatre when the incident took place.

He said: “We were offstage before any fires or anything happened in the club. So if anything did happen inside the club it was mostly after we were upstage in our changing rooms.”

The producer/MC has also told website the group were not in the least fazed by the attack, which happened at a show they were playing to celebrate the 21st birthday of member Romeo, though did confess he’d like to move away from a gun culture.

“This is what we were brought up around daily, we lived around it for years and we’re still in it… and we need to get out of it. The media can say what they want but everyone at the night knows how it is – it’s just the UK trying to take down another UK act again.

“It’s not about violence. Whatever we’re promoting or saying is what we’ve done to get to where we are and that’s why we’ve done it. If you listen to the album we’re going to let people know its about music and building your own crew and cutting out all the negativity.”

Megaman has also attempted to distance the band from member Skat D (real name Darren Weir), who was recently found guilty of breaking the jaw of a teenage schoolgirl fan after she spurned his sexual advances.

“Everyone in the crew has got to understand that they are responsible for their own actions,” he said, adding, “You’ve got to restrain from doing certain things no matter how angry you get over a situation. He was lucky to get away with a fine because he could have easily fucked his career like that. So Solid and our management company have sent their apologies to the girl’s family so hopefully we can look over that and move on with life.”