Initial reports suggested two man were shot outside the Astoria - but police believe the incident took place within the venue...

Police have revealed this afternoon (November 1) that “early indications” suggest last night’s shooting of two men at the ASTORIA in LONDON happened inside the club at a birthday party for SO SOLID CREW member ROMEO.

Initial reports had suggested the incidents took place in the street outside. A statement delivered earlier by Melvin Benn of the Mean Fiddler organisation, owners of the club, seemed to confirm the belief, saying: “Last night (October 31) at Romeo’s birthday bash, there were a number of incidents involving a… non-ticket holding crowd trying to gain non-authorised entry to the venue. This led to a number of incidents and police were called. One person was taken to hospital with suspected gunshot wounds.”

also claims the shooting was Yardie-linked.

So Solid Crew, onstage at the time of the attack, have been quick to distance themselves from the shooting: “So Solid Crew very much regret the violence that broke out at the birthday party show at the Astoria last night, but want to make it clear that they abhor violence and have made it clear on their record that they want the violence to stop.”

The statement went on: “They were not in any way involved in last night’s disturbance and were on stage performing when the trouble broke out. They were ushered off by security and none of the “So Solid Crew were hurt or in anyway directly caught up in the trouble.”

was under police guard and cordoned off. Blood could still be clearly seen.

Police for appealing for information about the attack. Detective Superintendent Barry Phillips has called on anyone with any information to ring the Crimestoppers confidential phoneline on 0800 555111.

Tonight’s show by Los Angeles collective Ozomalti has been moved from the Astoria Theatre next door to the smaller Mean Fiddler as a result of the shooting.