They aren't all bad lads, you know...

SO SOLID CREW star MC HARVEY has revealed that he has been doing his bit to give the collective a more positive image in the community by sponsoring a Sunday league football team in LONDON.

Harvey was signed to Chelsea FC as a youth but his career was cut short by injury.

Harvey has also signed a solo deal with Go! Beat and releases his debut single ‘Get Up And Move’ on August 19. But the MC insists he hasn’t forgotten his roots and has avoided the violent street culture which So Solid Crew have been accused of being linked with.

“I’m spending some of the money I got from my record deal advance on putting kids from my old estate into the studio,” he said. “I pay whatever it takes so that they can go in there and do their thing. It’s important for me to put things back into the community.”

Speaking about the So Solid sponsored Sunday team, Harvey explained: “I’m gonna get them tracksuits and names on the back of their shirts to make them feel important.

“I want to inspire people,” he said. “The industry was a bit fucked up three years ago. No disrespect, but it was full of pop like S Club 7, but now you’ve got mad talent sitting on the streets. Why do you think people are going out there committing crime? Because they’re not being let into the industry so they can earn that money too.”

Despite the success ofSo Solid, his celebrity girlfriend and the controversy surrounding the group, Harvey insists he is the same person he was before he was a star. “I still go to the same barbers in Battersea, the same bakery, still walk through the ghetto and say hello to my people,” he explained. “But a lot of them look at me in different light. I know a lot of people who won’t talk to me now and it pisses me off. I’ve found out who my true friends are and who are the cling ons. When I go out for dinner with a true friend, he might still work in Blockbusters but he still pays for his meal. He doesn’t expect me to pay.”

Harvey still visits the estate where he grew up in Battersea, but he now lives in Hertfordshire because of “bad vibes” at London clubs.