"He was given more support than me... I just feel let down by all those involved"

A teenage SO SOLID CREW fan who had her jaw broken by one of its members after she spurned his sexual advances has hit out at the verdict handed to her attacker, saying she feels “let down” that he escaped a prison sentence.

Rapper Darren Weir was fined £1,500 in Cardiff Crown Court on Friday (October 19) after he admitted causing the 15-year-old grievous bodily harm with a punch that broke her jaw and necessitated the insertion of metal plates. He was also ordered to pay £3,500 in compensation to the girl and also £500 costs.

“I have had my doubts about the way this was being handled right from the start,” the girl told the BBC. “I was just trying to help a friend and now I have problems eating and talking sometimes, and face more surgery. I feel that he was given more support than me and now it is over I just feel let down by all those involved.”

The attack happened in a Cardiff hotel on December 27 last year following a So Solid Crew show in the city. Band members agreed to give the girl and her friends a lift home at the end of the night, but said they needed to stop at the Ibis Hotel on the way. In the early hours of the morning in the hotel’s foyer, the girl slapped Weir in the face after he had made sexual advances. Prosecutor Meirion Davies told the court that: “He punched her in the face – she was floored by the force of the blow. Weir ran out of the hotel leaving the girl bleeding from a mouth wound. All the girls were screaming.”

The girl did not know who had attacked her and only identified Weir, who performs as Skat D, later when she saw So Solid Crew on television.

During sentencing, Judge Christopher Llewellyn Jones QC said: “The offence is aggravated by a previous conviction for violence but on this occasion you were man enough to admit what you did and accept responsibility.

“You have expressed shame, regret and remorse, but make no mistake, if you’re back in court again, your career will be at an end. You are a young man on the brink of a career which may be extremely successful – we do not know. I am satisfied on the evidence that a prison sentence would undoubtedly have a significant adverse effect.”

The girl’s mother also hit out saying: “If it had been any old Joe Bloggs it would have been a different matter – he would have been jailed.”

So Solid Crew have yet to comment.