The plug is pulled after local councils learn of Asher D's impending court case...

[/a] have been banned from appearing at three showcase gigs for teenage wannabe garage stars because ASHER D is due in court on serious gun charges.

Asher D and fellow member Swiss were due to appear at venues in Southwick, Horsham and Haywards Heath in West Sussex as guests on a youth development scheme. The Gravity project has been running workshops since July last year, helping 14-18 year olds learn DJing and MCing skills and provide an introduction to the music industry. The [a] pair were due to perform one or two tracks and watch those involved showcase the skills they had picked up over the last number of months.

However, early last week the council pulled the plug on their involvement after learning of Asher D’s impending case.

The rapper, real name Ashley Walters, is set to appear at Southwark Crown Court on March 4 to face charges of threats to kill and possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence. The charges relate to an incident in July last year.

Gravity organiser Matt Langridge said the police stepped in last Monday (February 4) to advise West Sussex council to cancel [/a] .

“They advised the council that the court case was pending,” he said. “And after it was wrongly reported that up to 30 of [a] were to perform – which was never the case – they felt many gatecrashers would travel to the events and attempt to get in.

“They had also heard that tickets for the shows were changing hands in Brighton for £100 each. The safety of the young people taking part was paramount and it was decided to stop Asher D and Swiss from being there at all.”

Garage act DJ Luck and MC Neat appeared in their place at the show in Southwick on Saturday (February 9), while Onyx Stone and MC Mailbu will both appear at Haywards Heath (February 22) and Horsham (23).

[a][/a] have unable to find any promoter willing to take their live show since two men were shot at a birthday party for member Romeo at the London Astoria on October 30. Their November/December tour was cancelled over public safety fears.