Megaman urges the black community to come together to help young people...

MEGAMAN from SO SOLID CREW – has called for an end to gun culture, urging the black community to come together to wipe out the gangs who are enabling youths to arm themselves.

So Solid Crew were singled out for criticism by Culture Minister Kim Howells when he launched his attack on rap and hip-hop in January after the shooting of two teenage girls in Birmingham.

But last night (February 24) at a Youth Against Gun Violence meeting in north London, Megaman said he wanted to encourage young people to follow his example and run their own business, turning their back on the increasingly deadly gang culture.


“I am totally against the use of guns. For many people carrying a gun is a form of protection, sometimes they just don’t have a chance. But we need to give youths options.”

Adding that he believed the Government’s proposed five-year mandatory jail sentence for any found carrying a gun would be a good deterrent for anyone not already immersed in the gun-carrying lifestyle, he commented: “There are very few real guns out there. Most of the shootings involve replica guns that have been converted to fire real bullets. We, in the black community, need to work together to get rid of the gangs who are converting these guns.”

He said that So Solid Crew have been working with the Black Police Association, representatives of which also took part in the debate at St Mary’s Youth Club Neighbourhood Centre in Islington, and said members of the group have been visiting schools to speak to kids about the dangers of guns.

Megaman, 23, who is a founding member of So Solid Crew, indicated that the band’s follow-up to their debut album ‘They Don’t Know’ would tackle a broader range of issues. “Our music is a reflection of our experiences both good and bad. It is too soon to judge us, there will be changes with our next album,” he said, according to [url=]

So Solid Crew have a reputation for being immersed in gun culture. Two people were shot at one of their shows at London Astoria in 2001. Asher D was sentenced to 18 months in a young offenders’ institution last year for gun possession, and Shane Neil and Jason Phillips are due to appear at Southwark Crown Court on firearms charges next month. Megaman was acquitted of attempted murder in 2001 after spending four months on remand at Feltham Young Offenders Institution.