Group member Face says the collective are working on a variety of very different projects...

SO SOLID CREW are working on 12 albums simultaneously, according to member FACE

Speaking backstage to Channel 4’s breakfast show RI:SE before their gig last night (May 10) in Belfast, Face said that the group are working on a variety of different projects, and they’re not all rap.

“We’ve been in the studio all this time since the band first started”, he told Rise, “working on 12 albums – 12 albums man! And it’s not just rap, it’s garage, R&B, rap, soul. Make us do rock ‘n’ roll and we’ll take it.”

The collective has been barred from every venue and festival they have attempted to play on the UK mainland. Face said that he doesn’t mind, but is scared of travel. He concluded: “If my home country don’t want me to play there and I come here and I make other people feel good then I’m more than happy to do that. It’s just the plane I don’t like!”

The rap collective’s show in Belfast last night was a rare live outing for the much-maligned band – and it passed without trouble or incident. Members Skat-D, Mac, Timeless and Face played an hour-long set that included So Solid Crew chart-topper ’21 Seconds’ as well as MOP’s ‘Ante Up’ and Wu-Tang Clan‘s ‘Gravel Pit’.