So Solid Crew singer speaks

Megaman opens up after his murder trial

So Solid Crew leader Megaman has spoken out over his recent murder trial.

The singer, real name Dwayne Vincent, had been accused of killing Colin Scarlett but was cleared after a retrial at the Old Bailey.

Despite spending a year in prison while on remand, the rapper said he wasn’t bitter and his stint behind bars actually brought him down to earth.


“I ain’t gonna let prison get me angry and then spend my life battling the system. I’ll tell you how it was for me. I was innocent. I look at my hands and say these hands are clean. These hands ain’t taken no life,” he told MTV UK.

“Prison for me was a blessing in disguise,” the rapper added. “I didn’t appreciate the little things (before). The hype, the glamour (of fame), a lot of things get to you and in the midst of trying to stay focused you tend to slip off and be an arsehole now and again. So for me prison was a reality check.

“I’ve learnt a lot, but through the pain and tears there’s gonna be a lot of happy days.”

Megaman had been accused of encouraging producer Carl Morgan to shoot Scarlett in November 2004.

Morgan was jailed for 30 years at an earlier trial.

The jury in that original trial could not agree a verdict in the case of Megaman and a retrial was ordered.


That was halted earlier this year and a third trial was ordered at which the singer was cleared.

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