Soccer Mommy shares new cover of The Cars’ ‘Drive’

The singer has been recorded covering the track in the past

Soccer Mommy – real name Sophie Allison – has shared a cover of The Cars’ track ‘Drive’, recorded during a live session for SiriusXMU radio.

It’s the first professional recording of Sophie Allison’s ‘Drive’ cover, after a fan recording from a February performance at Amoeba Records in Hollywood circulated on YouTube. Stereogum points out the performance may have been shot on the same day, as Allison is wearing the same outfit. Watch the new performance below:


Lockdown has seen Allison engage in plenty of interesting promotional events. Earlier this week, she shared a series of new videos for her track ‘crawling in my skin’ which see her heading out “on tour”. The five new videos depict her and her band in 8-bit form playing live in Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Toronto, and Austin.

“It’s really hard having our tour be postponed because I was really excited to play all of the songs on ‘color theory’ for everyone, ‘crawling in my skin’ in particular,” Allison said of the new videos. “I hope this little 8-bit performance can hold everyone over until the tour can happen.”

Last month, Allison was forced to postpone a virtual gig on Club Penguin, due to fans flocking to the website and overloading the servers. She managed to reschedule and perform successfully here.

Soccer Mommy’s second album ‘color theory’ was released earlier this year. NME called it a “deeply moving account of personal pain set to warm lo-fi pop.”