Social Distortion’s Mike Ness accused of attacking Trump supporter during show

The incident occurred in Sacramento last month...

Social Distortion singer Mike Ness has been accused of attacking a Donald Trump supporter during a recent show, after video footage showed him jumping into the crowd.

Tim Hildebrand, a Donald Trump supporting farmer, claims that he was attacked during the seminal punk band’s show at Sacramento’s House of Spades in July.

According to Hildebrand, Ness reacted after he continually held up his middle finger to protest against the singer’s repeated criticism of Donald Trump.

Footage from the night in question shows Ness launching himself into the crowd, before he appears to get involved in a physical altercation.

Hildebrand says that he left the show with two black eyes, a busted lip, and concussion. He also claims that he was unable to defend himself as other people in the crowd were holding him back.

“I pretty much said I paid for your music, not your politics,” Hildebrand told CBS-13, confirming that he plans to press charges against Ness.

“I stood pretty much with my silent protest with my middle finger up for the next two songs.”

He explained:  “If he wants to have a talk someday, man to man, I would love that but he would have to not be a child about it.”

Sacramento Police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident.Social Distortion are yet to comment on the incident.