Watch Sofi Tukker talk second album plans and ‘sexy’ new collaboration with Zhu

House duo are best known for scoring the iPhone X ad

Sofi Tukker have revealed they are already working on new material, including a “sexy” collaboration with Zhu.

The house duo, who are best known for soundtracking the recent unveling of the iPhone X, only released their debut album ‘Treehouse’ in April.

Now speaking to NME at Mad Cool Festival 2018, in an interview you can watch above, the pair said they have plenty more material in the pipeline.


“I don’t know if it’ll be an album, we have tons of music done and ready to go and we play some new songs in our set now already,” DJ Tucker Halpern explained. “We don’t know if it will be an album or singles or EP or what.”

Singer Sophie Hawley-Weld added: “We’re definitely not gonna stop putting out music, we have so much music that we’ve been making. We’re just excited to share it as soon as we can.”

Halpern also revealed to NME for the first time that the pair have been working on a collaboration with Zhu.

“I’ll give you an exclusive right now, exclusive,” he said. “We have a song with Zhu coming out in the next couple of months. That’s a brand new collaboration we did recently when we were in LA. It’s really fun. It’s a really cool song. It’s like a sexy song, it’s pretty gross actually. She (Sophie) had a lot of sex the week she wrote that song that’s my guess/that’s my knowledge.”

Watch our interview with Sofi Tukker above.