Solange debuts new song ‘Rise’ live, hints that new album is coming

Beyonce's sister released her 'True' EP in November 2012

Solange has showcased a new track live and discussed her next album.

Solange Knowles – sister of Beyonce – released her last album ‘Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams’ in 2008, with her career-revitalising EP ‘True’ in 2012.

Performing in Los Angeles on Thursday (May 14), Solange played a new track reportedly called ‘Rise’. At the performance, the singer claimed it was written “for Ferguson”. Watch below.


Meanwhile, Solange spoke to Billboard about the progress of her next album. “We’re now at the end zone; the weeding out is happening,” she said, describing it as “sonically incredible journey”.

Solange added, “I’ve been sitting at the piano, figuring out chords and building songs from my story with my voice being the epicenter. Before this, I’d start singing and build songs from there. It’s taking longer this way but it’s a really exciting process.”

Read the NME review of Solange’s 2012 EP ‘True’ here. Sam Wolfson wrote of the short-player, “The 26-year-old is not a hit-making pop star, but an antidote to pop homogenisation; something that sounds different to everything on the radio, but could still be on the radio… [‘True’] showcases Solange’s experimentation at its best… the only thing to expect is something very different.”

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