Solange is working on new music, but isn’t ‘interested in entertainment at this moment’

The musician released her latest album 'A Seat At The Table' in 2016

Solange has confirmed she is working on new music in a new interview.

The star released her acclaimed third album ‘A Seat At The Table’ in 2016. In a four-star review, NME described the record as “deeply personal and thrillingly intimate throughout”. 

Speaking to Billboard, Solange discussed the record at length along with her foray into the art world. She recently exhibited a “digital dossier” of performance art called Seventy States at London’s Tate Modern, as well as performing at New York’s Guggenheim and Texas’ Chinati Foundation.


“I’ve been working in Laurel Canyon, Topanga Canyon and Jamaica,” she explained of her recent sessions. “I actually have been following Joni Mitchell.” She explained that the last house she had been working in in Jamaica had a mural in one of the bedrooms that had been painted by the musician.

Solange also revealed that she has been collaborating with The Internet‘s Steve Lacy. “He’s like, ‘OK, I got these chords.’ ‘Hey papa, let’s go,'” she said. Elsewhere, she also noted that she wasn’t “interested in entertainment at this moment”. “That might change,” she explained. “There might be a moment where I decide, ‘Hey, I love the game.’ For right now, I’m not [there].”

The singer will return to the UK this summer, where she will headline Latitude Festival in Suffolk. She will also top the bill at Longitude Festival in Dublin. Both events take place over the weekend of July 12-15.