Tupac, Drake, and Kanye West have been immortalised in delicious sushi

The tastiest rappers on Earth.

An Italian chef has immortalised some of rap’s biggest icons in sushi form – and they’re near guaranteed to leave you feeling seriously hungry.

Yujia Hu previously dropped out of art school to work at his family’s restaurant in Milan, but he’s now used his talents to become a food artist, creating a seriously impressive collection of miniature rappers made entirely from sushi.


Among the highlights are his takes on Kanye West, Drake, Action Bronson, and Tupac, with each boasting intricate individual details.

Take Action Bronson for example, who is wearing a salmon hoody and boasting a beard made entirely from seaweed.

And then there’s Kanye West, who just so happens to be sitting in a tiny salmon Yeezy. There’s also some cool individual touches on Migos too, with all three represented in a sushi platter.


Yujia has now extended the collection to include Game of Thrones characters too, with this sushi take on John Snow kicking things off.

Describing his creations, he told Vice: “At first I wanted to experiment with something different for the promotion of my restaurant, but then I started being passionate about what I was doing, so I kept going on with my creations.

“With my artistic background, I tried to create something new. And this is the result.”

You can check out his whole work here.