Someone’s made an excellent parody ad for Fyre Fest 2019

'It's bigger, bolder with more Billy'

A parody video has surfaced online advertising Fyre Festival 2019.

The clip, which you can watch below, pokes fun at the failed festival which has recently been the subject of documentaries on Netflix and Hulu.

The trademark orange square features throughout the clip, along with models. It also advertises the event as being on an island Tupac lived on.

For the original Fyre Festival, the event was advertised on an island belonging to Pablo Escobar.

It also mocks the festival’s founder, Billy McFarland, who is currently serving a six-year sentence for multiple charges of fraud, referencing his sentence with the slogan “2,193 days long, maybe less with good behaviour.”

Fyre Festival was cancelled after opening due to a number of basic inadequacies such as a lack of running water.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that model agencies that work with supermodels Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski may have subpoenas issued to them over payments alleged to have been made by McFarland.

The potential summons are part of a broader effort to establish what happened to the $11.3 million paid out by McFarland, ahead of the festival’s run dates. According to officials, McFarland raised $26 million from investors overall.

A judge has also green-lit subpoenas for talent agencies including Paradigm for information on $1.4 million in payments for artists booked to play Fyre Festival. Some of the artists advertised on the festival bill included Major Lazer, Blink-182 and Disclosure.