New double album covers theoretical composers from John Cage to Yoko Ono...

Sonic Youth‘s latest release on their own SYR label is a double CD of their interpretations of ‘theoretical’ pieces that defy traditional conceptions and definitions of composition and are interpreted by the performer (which means that they are made up as they go along, essentially).

While SY are still signed to Geffen for their more ‘commercial’ releases, they are allowed to release experimental (and patently uncommercial) material on their own label.

Some pieces such as Pauline Oliveros‘Six For The New Time For Sonic Youth’ were ‘written’ especially for the project while others are fairly obscure works by Yoko Ono, John Cage and the late Irish Maoist composer Cornelius Cardew amongst others.


The full tracklist is:

‘Edges’ (Christian Wolf) ‘Six’ (John Cage) ‘Six For The New Time For Sonic Youth’ (Pauline Oliveros) ‘+ -‘ (Takehisa Kosugi) ‘Voice Piece For Soprano’ (Yoko Ono) ‘Pendulum Music’ (Steve Reich) ‘Having Never Written A Note For Percussion’ (James Tenney) ‘Six’ (John Cage) ‘Burdocks’ (Christian Wolf) ‘Four’ (John Cage) ‘Piano Piece Number 13 (Carpenter’s Piece) For Nam June Paik’ (George Maciunas) ‘Piece Enfantine’ (Nicolas Slominsky) ‘Treatise, Page 183’ (Cornelius Cardew)

Other musicians involved in the project are Jim O’Rourke and Wharton Tiers.