Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore criticises media coverage of his divorce from Kim Gordon

Moore says that the online reportage has been 'embarrassing' and 'humiliating'

Ex-Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore has spoken about the media coverage of his divorce from former bandmate Kim Gordon.

Moore states that while the demise of the New York band was indeed due to their marital split, the intrusive nature of the subsequent reporting – specifically by online outlets – has been “embarrassing” for the musician.

“The suspension of the band was enforced by our marriage dissolving,” Moore told The Guardian. “There are very few bands where people work together and live together. Nothing about it was pretty. At all. It’s really intense and heavy on both sides.”


He added: “I’m in an alternative experimental rock band, for God’s sake. Big fucking deal. it’s embarrassing… It’s humiliating.”

Moore has also criticised several news sources for naming and targeting his current girlfriend. “It affects people close to me in certain ways – my family, the woman I’m in love with. It can be really degrading and I try to be philosophical about it. As soon as I put the [laptop] lid down and walk out the door, it’s not there.”

Despite this, Moore hints that Sonic Youth’s split would perhaps have occurred naturally had the circumstances been different. “It probably sounded like Sonic Youth was making records for the sake of making records. That bothered me a little bit because I felt each record was a very serious undertaking.”

“I felt that the audience had reached a place of complacency where we were decoded. That edge of wonder and surprise had all but disappeared. A lot of what we developed over the years has seeped its way into music culture. We weren’t the radical band any more; we were more of a radical reference point. I was getting a little bored with people getting bored with us.”

Elsewhere in the Guardian interview, Moore insists that there’s no “decree of finality” on Sonic Youth’s break-up, but that a reunion is not currently on his mind.

“It defines me and it always will. I would never want to replicate that. This band is something else. I always feel like I’m in a state of apprenticeship. I never feel like I’ve achieved something where I can actually get retrospective.”


Moore releases his new solo album ‘The Best Day’ next week (October 20).