Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon shares new video for Glitterbust track ‘The Highline’

Plus stream the new self-titled LP from art-rock duo inside

Former Sonic Youth member Kim Gordon has released a video for ‘The Highline’, a new track from her new band, Glitterbust, it was revealed today (March 18).

Gordon was in Sonic Youth with her then husband Thurston Moore, both forming the core of the band during their 30 year career (which ended in 2011). Now, her new collaboration with Tomorrow’s Tulips guitarist Alex Knost – have released a new video for the previously previewed track.

As Interview reports, ‘The Highline’ sees the pair star in a blurry, disjointed video, playing the track in an industrial complex, of which you can view in the player below.


In her interview, Gordon provided background on the inspiration for the song, a New York City park built on a former freight line. “On any given weekend [it] looks like a crowded, self-conscious human freeway,” she said, “surrounded by mirrored glass walls of luxury condos built up around it, casting shadows, part of the moneyed, power landscape.” She also goes on to say that the video “shows alien, embryonic beings traipsing through the empty night, creating a ‘desire path’ through the empty industrial complex of Orange County, like lost cultural ghosts.”

The duo’s new self titled LP was also released on March 4.

Songs ‘Soft Landing’, ‘Repetitive Differ’, ‘Erotic Resume’ and ‘Nude Economics’ also feature on Glitterbust’s new record.

The news comes after Gordon released her memoir, ‘Girl in a Band’, in early 2015, four years after splitting from husband and fellow Sonic Youth founder Thurston Moore. They were married for 27-years, with the group dissolving soon after their split.


In her memoirs, Gordon described Moore’s “rock star showboating”, stating “We had exchanged maybe fifteen words all week. After 27 years of marriage, things had fallen apart between us.”

Gordon added: “Thurston double-slapped our bass guitarist Mark Ibold on the shoulder and looked across the stage, followed by Lee Ranaldo our guitarist and Steve Shelley our drummer. I found that gesture so phoney, so childish, and such a fantasy.

“Thurston has many acquaintances but with the few male friends he had, he never spoke of anything personal. He’s never been the shoulder slapping type. It was a gesture that called out, ‘I’m back. I’m free. I’m solo.'”

As well as performing with Sonic Youth, she also performed with Bill Nace on Body/Head, with the pair releasing their debut album ‘Coming Apart’ in 2013.

Glitterbust – tracklist

01. Soft Landing
02. Repetitive Differ
03. Erotic Resume
04. The Highline
05. Nude Economics