Thurston Moore confused over fans blaming him for Sonic Youth split

Band ended in 2011 when Moore and Kim Gordon separated

Thurston Moore has said that he finds the fact fans blame him for Sonic Youth splitting “strange” as he was not the one who called time on the band.

Sonic Youth split in 2011 after Moore and Kim Gordon divorced. It was subsequently revealed that the frontman cheated on his wife with a woman he then moved to London with.

They played their last gig at a festival in São Paolo, Brazil. In her 2015 memoir Girl In a Band, Gordon criticised the way her former husband and bandmate acted at the gig.


However, asked to reflect on that final gig in a new interview with Collide, Moore admitted that he did not think it was the last time the band would play together before the gig and still doesn’t. He is quoted as saying the group “goes on and won’t end.”

Moore opened up about feeling demonised for his role in the break-up of his marriage and, subsequently, the band. “I find it really strange that I get [demonised] for the break-up of Sonic Youth when I myself had no intention of breaking up the band,” he said. “That was a real surprise to me. I get the reasons behind the band not existing at the moment – everyone has to be on the same page – but there was never any announcement. Well, I never made one.

“Sonic Youth was a bond that existed between four of us. I have a tattoo that says ‘SONIC LIFE’ and it’s something that defines me forever. For me, it goes on and won’t end.”

NMEEmilie Bailey/NME

While he waits to reunite with his estranged bandmates, Moore revealed that he has recorded a new solo record with producer Paul Epworth. ‘Rock & Roll Consciousness’ was recorded at the London studio owned by Epworth, who has previously worked with Adele, Florence + The Machine, Lorde and Paul McCartney. The pair were introduced by Mark Stewart of The Pop Group, with whom Epworth has also worked.

“I couldn’t figure out why a band like The Pop Group would work in that situation, but it turns [Paul Epworth] is from the same place as The Pop Group (Bristol),” Moore said. “He has these two beautiful analog mixing boards – one is the board Pink Floyd used and the other was used by The Rolling Stones. So I worked something out with him, brought the band in and we recorded 9 things in 4 days.”

Moore has been prolific since the end of Sonic Youth, forming new band Chelsea Light Moving and also releasing two solo albums.